1, 2, 3... and your car looks amazing

Installation is extremely easy and fast, as it will only take you a few minutes

The strap is flexible and adjustable

The tape is flexible, it is very easy to bend it into any shape and cut it to any length. The end must be sealed after cutting.

Installation method

The Carmistic™ LED light strip is used to decorate the dashboard and the entire interior of the car.

USB output and 12V socket

You can choose the method of connecting the Carmistic™ LED strips yourself

What do our satisfied customers say?

"I love these lights, they look amazing, my car is now perfect" - Jane

Available in 5 trending colors: red, blue, purple, green, white,

5-meter long neon LED strip with easy installation


Length: 5 m

Colors: red, blue, purple, green, white

The pictures are symbolic

4.8 out of 5

CARMISTIC™ LED light for car

Carmistic™ LED strips make any car look luxurious. The 5-meter neon LED strip is available in 5 different fashionable colors and is suitable for any car.



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