Colorful and 3D layout to enhance your children's focus and interest.

Engaging content

It's hands down THE BEST investment for your children's future

Copybook contains large collection of exercises to teach your little ones the basics of a beautiful handwriting.

Our copybook has literally helped millions!

It's the best preschool education tool to help children explore their curiosity and increase their English vocabulary.

Exclusive lessons on calligraphy and drawing

Copybook is awash with a range of exercises to impart calligraphy and drawing skills in your children.

Engaging content

Vivid and eye-catching graphics to keep children engaged and focused.

Top-notch paper quality for better grip and comfortable writing (It's reusable - the handwriting disappears within 15 minutes)

A must-have tool to impart pencrafting skills in your children (Exclusive lessons on painting, mathematics, and calligraphy)

Helps children with writing in beautiful fonts and styles (Better hand and eye coordination)


It’s reusable – the handwriting disappears within 15 minutes

Exclusive lessons on painting, mathematics, and calligraphy

Package includes: 4 books, 1 pen case, 5 refills, 1 pencile holder

Material: cardboard

Better hand and eye coordination

Size: 19,5cm X 13,5cm

4.8 out of 5

Kids copybook - SMAGIC

Best copybook to help your children build a strong foundation for an impressive English handwriting. Now children would learn while having fun!



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