Microfiber towel ThickCloths

Microfibers absorb water and remove dirt extremely quickly and effectively!

The microfiber cloth absorbs water extremely quickly and removes dirt in one go!

The cloth is suitable for various surfaces - windows, hobs, cars, furniture, appliances, glass, wood, etc.

The cleaning cloth is made of high-quality microfibers that guarantee a long product life!

Simple maintenance - the cloth can be easily washed in the washing machine.


The towel absorbs water and cleans dirt extremely quickly and is gentle even on the most delicate surfaces!

The magic cloth is suitable for various surfaces - dishes, windows, mirrors, stove, etc.

Microfibers that perfectly and quickly absorb water

Easy squeeze - quickly releases all water

Trvanka does not leave any water stains or fibers on the surface

Long-term use

The microfiber cloth does not damage the surface

An excellent choice even for sensitive surfaces - glass, screen, car, etc.

Easy maintenance - can be washed in the washing machine


The package contains: 4x microfiber towels

Size: 28 x 28 cm

Material: microfiber

4.8 out of 5

ThickCloth Multipurpose super absorbent fiber cloths (4 pieces)

Extremely fast water absorption, effective dirt removal, clean and smooth surface and long-lasting use - this is what ThickCloth represents! An essential part of every household!



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