Ideal for wardrobe door, cabinets, and dressers

If your wardrobe and cabinet door are loose or often left open these magnetic door closers are your perfect little invisible problem solver :)

Balanced magnetic force

Strong enough to keep the door closed, soft enough to easily open it with a simple pull when needed.

Child and pet-proof furniture

Small children or pets will not be able to open cabinets or wardrobe to make a mess or hurt themselves.

Small size and ultra-thin

These magnetic door closers are super thin and small, offering invisible effect and are suitable for all types of furniture.

Made of stainless steel

These little magnets are strong and durable – not like the plastic ones.

With self-adhesive design

Quick and easy installation, no screws needed, thanks to powerful adhesive included.

Self-adhesive and punch-free door catch

You can install these magnetic door catches without drilling holes for screws thanks to strong 3M adhesive. However, screws are also included in case you prefer them for installation.

This magnetic door catch is super thin and suitable even for the most elegant and expensive furniture. It is practically invisible.

Thanks to perfectly balanced magnetic force the door will stay firmly closed, yet easily opened with a gentle pull.

Strong enough to keep small children or pets from opening wardrobe and cabinet door making a mess or risking an injury.


Material: 304 stainless-steel, magnet

Includes: 6x cabinet door catch and adhesive

Dimensions: 41.5 x 16.5 mm / 37.5 x 15 mm

4.8 out of 5

Ultra-thin punch-free magnetic cabinet door catch (6 pc)

Perfectly balanced magnetic force ensures that your cabinet door and drawers are firmly closed yet easily pulled open when needed. Perfect for the cabinets that are a bit loose or if you often forget to fully close the cabinets or wardrobe closets. 6 self-adhesive magnets are included in the package.



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