Apply the film to keep your walls and tiles protected where needed

Worried about kids drawing on your walls and making a mess? Or backsplashes on the tiles and walls while cooking and cleaning? Or furniture leaving dirty marks on your walls? Here’s the simplest and yet the perfect solution.

Let your children have fun

Choose a spot in one of the rooms where kids can express their creativity and then simply clean it.

Enjoy carefree cooking

Stop worrying about your walls and tiles getting dirty and just have fun preparing tasty meals. Clean the mess with a single move :)

Furniture touching the wall?

Just protect it with this film and don’t worry about it leaving a dark trace.

Easy to clean

This self-adhesive film is waterproof and stain resistant. Clean it with a single move.

3m long and 60 cm wide

Cut it to make it fit perfectly where needed.

Use it to prevent surface scratching and staining.

It is transparent and self-adhesive and does not live residue traces or affect the decoration.


Width: 60 cm

Function: stain-proof and moisture-proof

Material: PVC

Feature: self-adhesive

Includes: 1x Electrostatic self-adhesive transparent protection film

4.8 out of 5

Electrostatic self-adhesive transparent protection film (3 m)

This protective film can be used on walls and tiles in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or as a drawer liner. It is water, oil, and heat resistant, and will make it easy for you to keep your surfaces clean and neat.



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