Strong grip to any flat surface

Powerful suction cups with locking tabs allow you to move safely whether you are in the shower, bathtub or using the toilet.


It is installed within seconds, and you can move it around if needed.

Strong and comfortable grip

The gentle contoured grip provides you with a reliable handhold.

Suction cups secured with locking tabs

It has a unique suction device that easily grips to any smooth and flat surface in seconds.

Your new safety assistant

The support handle can be reinstalled anytime and anywhere.

Grips to any smooth and flat surface (tile, acrylic, glass and fiberglass) in seconds.

Take it with you anywhere you need to.

Extra secure grip on the surface thanks to flip-up locking tabs.

We especially recommend using it in the shower, bathtub or using the toilet.

How to use: press the handle to the surface, release the buckle, and finally press the buckle to secure the grip.


Size: 29 x 8.5 x 9.5 cm

Material: ABS

Package includes: 1x Portable support handle

4.8 out of 5

Portable grab handle

Installs in just seconds by placing it on the surface and pushing the safety locking switch. You can use it on any flat surface and move it around where needed.



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