Heat, defrost and defog your car faster

Aeroterma portable fan is a perfect extra help for heating, defrosting, and defogging your car – use it until the own heating system starts or if you have a car without AC.

With three air outlets for fast effect

Keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without having to wait for your engine to warm up.

With 12 V connector

Just plug it into your cigarette lighter connector. It is powered by 200 watts.

180 degrees rotation

180 degrees rotation design allows you to direct it where needed to defrost, defog, heat, or cool your car.

Save gas money to heat and cool your car

This vent saves you time and energy by using your car's alternator instead of gas to keep it powered.

Fast defrosting and defogging

No more waiting for ages for your car to defrost or defog using only car’s air conditioning. With Aeroterma portable heating and cooling fan you will be on the road in no time.

A perfect and affordable solution for cars with no air conditioning.

Use it as an extra help to quicken the process of defrosting and defogging when you’re in a hurry.

Ideal for camping & caravanning to provide heat or cool breeze without turning the car on.


Material: Polymer heat resistant hard plastic

Power: 12 V / 200 W

Functions: defrosting, defogging, heating, ventilation

Product weight: 280 g

Dimensions: 15,24 x 5,84 x 8,89 cm

Package includes: 1x ‎Aeroterma Ventilator 200 W

4.8 out of 5

Aeroterma portable car heating and cooling fan

Aeroterma is a very practical car accessory if you need extra help with defrosting, defogging, heating, or cooling your car. Perfect solution for cars with no air conditioning or as an extra help to quicken the process of defrosting and defogging when you’re in a hurry.



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