Comfortable and efficient cleaning

Its easy draining system allows more comfortable and efficient cleaning, saving time and effort.

Multifunctional design makes it suitable for all types of floors

Thanks to its high absorption capacity completely eliminates dust and dirt

It’s reusable and machine-washable up to 500 times

High quality microfibre mop and a 360 rotation

Cleans all the hard-to-reach areas and keeps every angle of your home clean

Multi-use - wet and dry cleaning

Detachable - easy to transport and store

Easy to clean - brush integrated into the handle

360° rotating head - cleans hard-to-reach areas


Includes: 1 X Type X self-wringing microfibre mop

Extendable stick: 140 cm

Dimensions: 38 x 142 x 18 cm

4.8 out of 5

Type X self-wringing microfibre mop

This original self-draining microfibre mop helps you even the most hard-to-reach areas thanks to an X-shaped 360º rotation head, and an extendable stick (140 cm).



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