Addition and Subtraction Exercises

Roll gently and the math practice questions appear immediately.

Makes learning math fun

Save time and have fun teaching your children math.

Efficient and fast

Simply roll the stamp to print math problems. No smudge and no fading.

Sustainable use

Use it repeatedly by simply adding seal ink.

Adjustable roller design: up to 100 different math problems

Children can achieve exceptional learning results with regular exercise. These Addition and Subtraction Roller Stamps will turn learning math into playtime.

It’s small, well-crafted, and easy to carry anywhere you go.

No more writing by hand – saves you a lot of time!

No smudge, no fading and sustainable use.


Weight: 120g

Material: Plastic

Size: 4.4*3*4.8cm

Style: Addition/Subtraction

Incudes 1x Addition and 1x Subtraction Roller Stamp

Roller design, adjustable combinations

4.8 out of 5

Addition and Subtraction Roller Stamps

No more writing addition and subtraction tasks by hand. The Addition and Subtraction Roller Stamps help you save time teaching your children math.



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