The minimalistic trendy design combined with exceptional utility

This USB charging sport shoulder bag is a must-have for all bikers, cyclists, hikers, runners, and gym fans. It includes an antitheft lock, and a hidden card pocket to keep your belongings perfectly secure.

With USB connector

This sport shoulder bag contains a USB connector so you can charge your phone everywhere you go. Perfect if you’re out most of your day.

Anti-theft lock and hidden card pocket

All your belongings will be always perfectly secure so you can completely relax and enjoy your activities.

Breathable and Waterproof material

Created with only high-quality materials, this bag is breathable, waterproof, and even scratch-proof.

Adjustable strap

You can adjust the length of the strap to best fit your size and comfort.

This sports bag is perfect for any occasion

This innovative shoulder bag will carry your everyday life essentials: enough space to hold a water bottle, your phone, notebook umbrella, or even extra clothes.

Set the lock by pressing down the reset button and then setting your number combination.

Open the charging port to connect your phone and charge it.

Elegant minimalistic style while offering exceptional utility.

A must-have for all bikers, cyclists, hikers, runners, and gym fans.


Size: 33 * 16 * 9,5 cm

Adjustable strap

High-density fabric

Colour: Black

USB charging

Anti-theft lock

4.8 out of 5

USB charging sports shoulder bag with anti-theft lock

This is a must-have multifunctional sports bag, both stylish and exceptionally practical. With antitheft lock and 3.0 USB connector.



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