Feels like riding on the cloud.

Long bike rides can be very uncomfortable and even harmful if you don’t use proper seat or padded cycling pants. Air Cushion Saddle Cover for Bikes is the perfect solution, making your bike rides feel like you’re riding on the cloud.

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort

Our air cushion saddle cover will reduce the impact on the body by 45% making your rides nice and comfy.

Great air permeability

Made from breathable materials this air cushion reduces sweat, keeping your buttocks and clothes in the sitting area dry.

With Anti-slip particles

Once you install the seat cushion it will stay put, ensuring you a save, stable and care-free bike ride.

Portability for all commuters

You can put it in your handbag or backpack and use it on the public bikes.

Choose sport or city version of the Air Cushion Saddle Cover for Bikes

Our air cushion is suitable for different bike models, e-bikes, and exercise bikes and has great carrying capacity.

Breathable Premium Lycra blend and 100% washable material.

Highly resistant: carrying capacity up to 200 kg.

Suitable for different bike models, so you can use them on most public bikes, as well.

Simply put it away in your handbag or backpack when you park your bike.


2 versions: Sport 28.5x18.5cm or City 26.5x24cm

Material: Premium Lycra Blend breathable material.

With grade A silicon 10000 anti-slip particles

Recommended air pressure: 60-80 %

Colour: black

100% Hand washable

4.8 out of 5

Air Cushion Saddle Cover for Bikes

Air Cushion Saddle Cover for Bikes will make your bike rides extra comfortable. Reduces vibration and direct impact to the body by 45%.



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