For pain relief

Insoles relieve pain in your feet and spine, as they provide proper support during movement.

Support every step of the way

They provide support in tennis shoes, hiking boots or work shoes and provide long-lasting comfort.

Correct foot position

They provide excellent foot support and stability to maintain the correct walking position, as they have a high arch and a deep heel.


You can use the insoles every day, in all types of footwear, such as hiking shoes, sports shoes or work shoes.

Anti-slip material

They are made of anti-slip material that prevents the insoles from sliding inside the sneaker and provide ideal support for your feet.

A slightly lowered area around the big toe helps distribute the load when the foot moves.

Available in sizes M (35-39) and L (40-47).

ATTENTION! The insoles are extremely light, so you won't even feel you're wearing them. You can use them every day.


Sizes: M (35-39) and L (40-47)

Contents: 1 pack of insoles (2 pieces) + 1 pack of insoles (2 pieces) FREE

Material: TPR thermoplastic rubber

4.8 out of 5

Insoles for flat feet 2 pieces + 2 pieces FREE

Take care of your feet and improve your posture.



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