Keep your car as clean as new

This super absorbent car towel will help you clean and dry your car faster without leaving a residual trace, making your car as clean as new.

Super absorbent, easily washable, and reusable.

Made of suede on one side and superfine fibre fabric on the other.

Use it for drying the car or cleaning the windows, seats, and other surfaces.

Extremely durable and crafted to last for years.

Super soft, multipurpose, and super absorbent

With this towel you can clean dust or dry the body of the car after washing, it will make your car as clean as new.

Multiuse – use it for the car or in the household for cleaning the dust, shower, windows, and more.

High quality – this towel is extremely durable; it will serve its purpose perfectly for years.

Super soft – will not scratch your car or other surfaces.

Double-sided – wipe the water with the super absorbent fibre fabric side and dust with the suede side of the towel.


Material: Suede, fine fibre fabric

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Product Weight: 55g

Colour: grey

Package Includes: 1 x Super Absorbent Car Cleaning and Drying Towel

No static, lint-free & lasting colour

4.8 out of 5

Super Absorbent Car Cleaning & Drying Towel

This is the most absorbent and efficient car cleaning & drying towel you can find on the market. It can be used for cleaning the car body, windows, and windshield, or to clean the dust off the interior parts of the car.



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