Challenge your friends

It’s the best game you can play with your friends or family.

Safe and environmental friendly

The product is made of non-toxic and smooth material since itll come in contact with children. The bullets are also foam based and will not hurt anyone.

Enhances visual skill

Allows your kid to learn aiming and targets. The skill comes in handy at all stages in life.

Best for family get togethers

Beer pong is not an option if you’ve got kids around. This game could be a wonderful mode of entertainment for family events with friends and children.

Aim, shoot, win

Armed with the foam bullet gun, players take turns blasting em out of the air. Because the balls bobble up and down at different heights, they're far harder to hit.

Will improve concentration skills in your child.

The adjustable airflow level will allow you to control how high you want the targets to be based on the shooters expertise in the game.

Its definietly eye-catching enough for your child to show it off in front of his/her friends.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone above 3 years of age.

Playing the game togther will likely increase the bonding between children and parents. Playing with friends will give a sense of team-work and competition.


Adjustable airflow

Size: 33cm x 7,5cm x 33cm

Weight: 830g

1x small gun

3x soft bullets

10x foam balls

4.8 out of 5

Floating ball game - HOVER

You'll need to use all your sharpshooting skills to blast all 5 balls, beat your friends and become the champion.



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