All you need for sowing and transplanting!

Thanks to steel reinforcement, dibber can handle even the hardest to penetrate soils.

Makes your planting work easier

Simply push, twist, and pull to remove soil.

T-shape wooden handle

Get a strong grip and work with less effort.

Made of high-quality stainless steel

These tools are rust resistant and have enhanced strength and durability.

Easy 4-step method

1. Twist and push down; 2. Twist to pull the seedling out; 3. Plant your seedling; 4. Press the handle to release the seedling.

Smarter gardening

Perfect for sowing and transplanting vegetables and flowers seedlings.

Does not damage the soil or the seedlings.

Suitable for the hardest to penetrate soils.

Makes your work simply easier.


Material: Stainless steel, wooden handle

Colour: green

Size of transplanting tool: 127 x 85 x 230 mm

Dibber size: 110 x 30x 285 mm

Weight of transplanting tool: 237g; dibber weight: 147g

Package includes: 1x Dibber and seedling transplanter set

4.8 out of 5

Dibber and seedling transplanter set

A two-part set of tools used for sow seeds and transplanting seedlings. Use the dibber to make a small hole in the compost for the seedling or the seeds and simply move seedlings with the transplanting tool.



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